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What is a life being lived in fear?
When there is nothing left to do but despair.
We’re told to hide and pretend like nothing’s wrong,
But how can I do that, and for how long?

They won’t understand, they can’t see,
But what is it, what is it about me?
The fears masked by smiles, the pain hidden so well,
But no you’re ok, carry on, on this you must not dwell.

You’ll fall behind, they’re all going to talk,
When they see you on the corridor, you know they’re going to gawk.
Why can’t I pause, just give me that chance,
To breathe, to love and maybe to dance.

The clock is ticking, and better you do not feel,
What is it going to take in this world to heal?
One day at a time you tell yourself,
Go on get in there, don’t sit on the shelf. 

You’re a slacker, a failure and oh so much more,
Another problem you have, oh gosh you’re such a bore.
Be strong little solider, tomorrow will come,
And day by day stronger you become.

I cannot stay silent, matter of fact I will not,
If I can help just one person then my purpose is a lot.
Strength in numbers, remember you can,
No one is an island, no woman or man.

I am here to tell you that on the bad days it will rain,
But it’s just a passing cloud, not a hurricane.
Stay strong little soldier, this you can do, 
We all need encouragement, me and even you.

I am here to hold your hand, lift your spirits high,
That does not mean that you cannot cry.
One step at a time, one foot in front the other,
Lean on who you can, your siblings, father and mother.

When all else has failed, look up to the sky,
And know I am with you, this is not a lie. 
Together we can, and together we will,
I believe in you little solider, your purpose you will fulfill.