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About me

Currently I am a 4th year medical student living in Barbados, hailing from the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago in the southern caribbean. I have always said, I want one thing in life: everything. I want to travel to the ends of the earth, save the world, make a difference and give of myself in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. Or you know.. a million other cliches that are overdone but true.

 Why am I doing this?

I blame my parents for my insatiable craving for wanderlust.. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled widely with my family, and it is a pastime I plan to continue as often as I can in the future. I enjoy sharing my personal stories – the triumphs, the failures and everything in between, and as it turns out some people actually find me interesting ( who would’ve thought?!).

So what’s next?

My plans for 2018 are to continue pursuing my medical degree while taking every opportunity to travel in between. I want to improve my photography skills, get PADI certified, and continue to positively impact this world we live in.


Inner musingsLifestyle
August 12, 2018

Fuckboy Fenomenon

We’ve heard this word.. we use this word.. but what is a fuckboy? To me a fuckboy does not refer to either male or female or anyone in between. A…
Inner musingsLifestyle
March 24, 2018

I only love my bed and my Lilo, I’m sorry

 WHAT WAS THAT EXAM?! A question I find myself asking way too often. All I want is my bed. Yesss it’s raining, thank God. All those thoughts ran through my…
Inner musingsLifestyle
March 4, 2018

Little Soldiers

What is a life being lived in fear? When there is nothing left to do but despair. We're told to hide and pretend like nothing's wrong, But how can I…




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